More 24

My last slot of the 24 hours assignment was 6am to 7am and The Farmers Market has opened in town so I thought I would take a gander to make some photos. I met a father and son from Oakland, Ky who run a small farm growing produce. It was the sons idea to start coming to the market and now they have been coming for close to 7 years.

His son went to Western for a semester but went back to the farm life. He said he just wants to take over the farm and could learn that out there. His brother though still goes to school and is in a singing group on campus.

I had some time to kill between the market and class to I went up the hill to rest me eyes a bit.


A familiar look

Every year yearbook and the newspaper does "24 hours." It is a look at Western every hour of the day, and what makes the people who ARE Western tick.

This happened to fall at the end of our Greek Week, so there where lots of parties, including this one out at the fairgrounds. Now I don't have much room to talk here because the only reason I set foot on a dance floor is usually to take pictures of someone in a White dress, but notice they only say, "beer helps people dance." Not "... dance better." There were some really good dancers out there that night, don't get me wrong, but others... well... others needed less beer.
This was an hour earlier in the kitchen of Wah Bah's steakhouse by campus that a lot of students work at.

The local race track, Beech bend, had some races that night so I went to check them out. Much to my dismay I couldn't track down any students there but I did find this sweet little nugget of a concession stand.

I shot Todd and Sarah for a story about dating for yearbook. They both came to Western for the Debate team and were making dinner for each other in the dorms. Is that just a look, the "O really? You know I am right." face, one that all girls are born being able to give because I am pretty sure I have gotten it once or twice from a certain someone.


Theater of life

Last week was greek week on campus. Basically a week for the 30 or so percent of Western's population to have a school sponsored reason to do what they normally do. These are from events day which is like field day was in elementary school: Egg toss, Wheel barrel race, drunken after parties, ya know, just like the old days.

Right before it all started I went by the Sigma Phi Epsilon house to see how they were training for their big day. A game of bags was their method of choice.
I never thought Wheel barrel races could be dangerous, but after watching these I was amazed that nobody broke a bone. They would try to go to fast and the guy standing would basically run over the guy he was holding up.

How they got sideways we will never know...

They actually finished last, but its the spirit that counts right?

These are from my first assignment for the school newspaper. It was about "recession proof" businesses. So I went over to the movie theaters in town.

Once I finally got inside, there was better light than I expected. Nice surprise.


Blood for blood

These first three are from the blood drive that was on campus last week. When all was said and done WKU donated over 1000 units of blood.

These guys are hooked up to special machines that take only the red blood cells out of your blood. So it takes the blood out, separates it from the plasma and then re injects the plasma into your body. You can give more at one time, but you can't give as often.
After the long lines to give blood, you got to sit back and kick up your feet for awhile.
Watching Greek Jeopardy in a super cool hat.


Feeling Blue


The Greatest Teacher

Mom was surprised at work last week by a mob and the local TV station to announce that she had won The Office Max Teacher Innovator of the month award. It recognizes a teacher, "who encourage creativity, innovation and excellence in the classroom."

Now I know I am a little biased but I don't think that there is anyone more deserving of this award. She has got to be one of the hardest working people I know and puts everything she has into every lesson and every child.

Check out more on the award HERE.
Photos courtesy of Dad.

Congratulations Mom!


A week in review

Some random shots from this past week

The weather has been a bit iffy lately, its been warming up though. We had a nice rainbow on Monday.

Shuffleboard at Double Dogs. Gotta get just the right touch...
I shot a First communion ceremony for Shutterbug on Sunday. It was interesting to see how differently they did it than I remember ours. The priest had all the kids come up front at once to light the candles and then go sit back down. They then went by rows to get their communion. Some of the kids used their candles as light sabers.

They also had a Baptism that same service. The church reminded me a lot of St. Peter and Paul, a big local church at home, in its design except that it had carpet and not hardwood. The priest was really cool about letting me shoot from wherever I needed and even asked if I wanted to get closer.


Catch-up time!

I've gotten behind on posting, kinda been caught up in a paper for another class. So here is the first of a few to get all caught up.

Softball vs. North Texas. We lost in extra innings 11-6 after winning the first game of the double header. I wish our pitcher had a wind up like this, but alas it was the opposite team.

I borrowed fellow WKU PJ student Mike Ip's gear to shot the game. He had 400mm behemoth of a lens that took awhile getting used too. It forced me to focus on the action though.

Wrong side...Oops.


My Enemy, My Friend

General Dan Cherry on the right was a fighter pilot in Vietnam and on April 16, 1972 he shot down a Vietnamese Mig-21 fighter. He saw the pilot eject and could not get that image out of his head. Years later he found the F-4 that he had flown in the war and started creating what is now Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling Green. He got to thinking about that Vietnamese pilot and when a TV show offered him the chance to meet him on a live show he took it, and now him and Nguyen Hong My are good friends.

Cherry had spent some time over there and now Cherry and Hong My were going on a big sightseeing tour of the United States. Cherry was originally from Bowling Green which is why the park is here.
This is Hong My checking out the cockpit of the F-4
Cherry got this star on his plane for shooting down Hong My and the date is written right underneath it.
I just find this one funny...
The crowd that gathered was a good mix, but it was funny to see all the vets come out and the patriotism was aflowin' strong.
... and the rest of the crowd...


Phresh Pham

Phresh pham put on a little shindig after a poetry slam last night at the fairgrounds. Phresh Pham, from what I could gather, is just a group of guys who got together and are trying to put together more events like this to get people out and have some fun. It got off to bad start when nobody showed up till an hour and a half after it began, but slowly started to pick up from there.

These three guys were kinda the life of the party. They were dancing and goofing around, just generally making a fool of themselves at this 80's themed dance party they threw. The best part was that most of the crowd wasn't dancing or anything because they had never heard the songs before.
They had a photo booth set up but I saw one couple do it. Otherwise this is kind of how it went: groups standing around while a few people danced alone. Sad day.

This reminds me of those creepy horror movie's. Just insert Run DMC instead of the horror music.
This is one of the three main guys that actually was dancing. Rap songs make me laugh, he was dancing to "Stanky Leg." Oh, kids these days....

Since he was dancing for everyone else anyway I guess he figured why not...


Coal Plant

Spent some time over at the coal plant on campus the other day. Very cool place.

Joe Martin was really cool about walking me around and showing me what was up. I was surprised at how much freedom they gave me just to walk around when they had nothing to do.
Checking the pH of the water. It would wreak havoc on the machinery basically killing all hot water to campus.


Ice Cream and Rain Storms

Last one from the Florida vacation I promise. It's like she was meant to be there...

I went for a cruise the other day just to look for some trouble and found this gate over at the school farm. There was some cool pre-storm light so I snapped a few frames got back in the truck and then a rain storm of almost biblical proportions ensued for about 10 minutes and let up.
What a mug, It's a face only a mother could love...
This feels like it is missing something... We were standing in line for some ice cream when the sun broke out and a warm glow bathed the landscape. Ice cream? O ya! It's Julie that is missing!