Alone at Sea

Students reenact the pilgrims maiden voyage to the new world while some would rather sail alone.


Early bird

I awoke from my food coma early this morning to grab some early shoppers at one of the local malls.
The inside mall won't let us shoot in there, so while the thermometer was barley cracking 15 degrees I ducked in and out of stores at the outdoor mall trying to stay warm and not get beaten with a Coach bag for taking someone's photo at 5:30 in the morning.


Football POY

Having shot Marmion's football team a few times this year I was not surprised to learn that Running back/Linebacker T.J. Lally was named this years Football player of the year. The guy is incredible, leading the team in both tackles with 79 and rushing yards with over 1200.
He still hasn't committed to a school for next year, but I have no doubt he will get picked up pretty quickly.


Bleacher Bums




Well, my "little" sister turned the big Two Zero yesterday which means it was the big golden birthday. The whole gang came over to help celebrate the occasion.
Here she sits where she is most comfortable... right in the middle of the action.

One of the newer additions to the fam, Ayden, sits in Nana's lap and prepares to dive into a piece of cake the size of his head.

Like most of the people close to me, Julie has become one of my unsuspecting and usually unwilling models throughout the years. Check out a few of my favorites HERE and HERE.
Congrats Jules!


Bear Down...

A few more from my time spent wandering Soldier Field before the start of the Bears vs. Packers game in Week three of the season...



Waiting at Midway airport for an assignment today, I had a bit of time to kill. Apparently so did a few other folks.


Soldier Field

I had the amazing oppurtunity to shoot another Bears game earlier this season. It was not just any Bears game though.... Green Bay was in town. Fellow Sun-Times Media Photographer Mike Schmidt and I wanted to get there plenty early to grab some tailgating action and walk around the stadium a bit.
I've shot a few games now, but until this one I have never had a chance to actually walk around the stadium.
More to come from the game...


Sandwich Pounding

I made the 1.5 hour trek out to Mendota, Ill this afternoon to catch Sandwich playing Mendota High School for the quarterfinal round of the 3A champion ship. It started as a close game with both teams scoring twice quick in the first quarter. The next three quarters though would be all Sandwich they ran away with it and won 42-13.


Chuck Taylor


Biker Dudes

It has been unusually warm here in Chicagoland the past week or so, and its so crazy at work there really has been no time for feature cruising around Aurora.
Well, today I finally had a chance after my assignments to meander the streets and see what kind of trouble I could get into.

I met Mike and Jeremy here on Mike's front porch as he was working on Jeremy's bike. He describes himself as semi-retired doing odd jobs and living on what Uncle Sam pays him for disability. While Jeremy graduated a few years ago and is, "just hanging out and trying to stay out of trouble."

They were kind enough to let me stay for awhile, and hopefully come back soon.

Color Study



A few frames from the past couple weeks...

Lake Geneva, Ill

Road Construction in Plainfield, Ill
Avenue of Champs, BG, KY

Kendall County Courthouse, Yorkville, Ill

Chi-town, Ill


Playoff Football

Playoff season is upon us and tonight's game was Aurora's Marmion Academy against T.F. South. I love High School football, I love playoff season even more. The teams are better and the games are closer, this one was no exception. The teams traded touchdowns the whole game and in the final seconds South scored to make the score 27-28. Not wanting to go into OT, they went for two but missed the conversion. As they say....Maybe next year.