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Birds of a Feather


Late Fall


Bar None: A Story of Life and Love Overcoming the Walls of Jail

“God brought us together for a reason,” Marisha Smith said of her longtime boyfriend Joseph Walker. Smith, 32, and Walker, 30, first met while attending junior high in Bowling Green, but it wasn’t until after high school that the pair would begin dating in 2006. “I guess she just got prettier,” Walker said with a laugh.
Three months later Walker found himself in jail on drug charges, “She stuck by me that whole year,” Walker said. Twice a week, Smith would go to the jail for visitations to see Walker, load money onto his account for phone calls and bring him new clothes. “I don’t know why she’s stayed with me this long,” Walker said, “She could probably do a whole lot better, and without the headaches.”
In and out of jail over the next several years, Walker struggled to stay clean and remain a free man. Things were looking better when the couple’s first child, Acelyhne, was born in the summer of 2012.
October 9, 2012- “It is a day I will never forget,” Walker said. He had gone out to play a game of dice with some friends, but the party got out of hand leading to the murder of Demarcus Elliott. According to Walker he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but failing to notify his probation officer that he had contact with police officials was enough to put him back in jail. While there, Bowling Green police charged him with the murder and because of his record, Walker is now facing life in prison if convicted.
“I’ve watched my daughter grow up in here,” he said, “It sucks.” Smith maintains that Walker is innocent and doesn’t believe that he will get life in prison. Either way though she says, “I will be with him till the end.”


Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have garnered two awards in the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar annual contest. One for first place feature photo and one award of excellence for General News.
It is an incredible honor to be recognized among so many other amazing photographers.

First Place Feature

General News Award of Excellence


American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions 2013

I spent the past few days in Dallas covering the American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions conference. The convention center was incredibly graphic so in between the speaker photos and mug shots I was able to make some photos I like.


Timelapse still frame

Spent the other night out shooting timelapse's by a dam outside of town.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It is a Halloween tradition for WKU's Campus Activity Board to put on a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is also a tradition that is one of my favorite things to photograph.


Labold and Sons Salvage

I spent the other day with Danielle Labold and company over at her store, Labold and Sons Salvage, in downtown Bowling Green. Known for her dumpster diving ways, Danielle originally opened her store as an art gallery. She began selling some of what she collected from her many travels in the store to help support the gallery and now the store takes up over two stories of her building.