Last week I went out to Statesville Haunted Prison which is one of the more popular haunted houses in the area. It borrows its name and theme from the maximum security penitentiary a few miles south.

I personally am not one for the dark, twisted and scary. Haunted houses and scary movies have never been my cup of tea which made this assignment all the more challenging...
This is "Mad Dog's" cell. He is a psychiatric patient that plays with his own poop. Poop that is made out of Hersey bars.... the whole room smelled like chocolate, not a bad gig if you ask me.
Happy Halloween!



A few leftovers from Atlanta and Bowling Green....




Campus Life


Pumpkin Picking

I have a few more from my travels last week, but thought I'd switch it up a bit and share a few from today's venture to the pumpkin patch with Jordan.

This one came home with me.
It was on a family farm that also had horses, goats, pigs, etc...


BG day 3

As I was headed back to the house after my walk yesterday morning I came across Chris who was doing some flatland tricks on his bike.
I hung out for a bit and he ended up landing what he had come there to do so we parted ways before I had the chance to shoot much.
He was filming for a new youtube video he was putting up, but check out some of his other videos HERE.
Checked out Scott's softball game last night. They killed the other team 25-15.

This morning was spent out at Clifty Hollow climbing with Clinton Lewis. It felt good to get out on some real rock again.
^photo by Clinton Lewis

Clinton has been organizing a project that would bring some really cool changes to Bowling Green Parks. If you climb, or are in Bowling Green, or both, check out BOWLING GREEN BOULDER PROJECT and voice some support for better climbing in Bowling Green.

Fall Colors


BG Day 2

Because I flew in and was picked up, I don't have a vehicle here. Normally, not an issue, but when the roommates who are my ride sleep way longer than I can sit still I go a bit stir crazy.
This morning I went for a walk to get out of the house and was seeing diptychs for some reason.

Multiple exposure done in camera


Streets of Atlanta

A few more from the streets of Atlanta...

Hitting the streets

A little jittery after leaving the World of Coke, I spent a few hours wandering the streets of Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

Marietta Street
Woodruff Park chess players
Marta Station



Watching the sun rise from the busiest airport in the country.

Waiting for a connecting flight to Nashville in Charlotte, NC

Back in the bluegrass for a little R&R. Just in time to catch the ending of a let down of a Bears game and to shoot some hoops from the deck.

Heaven in Atlanta

Yes, Heaven is in Atlanta and is also known as the World of Coke.

I spent last weekend in Atlanta shooting a friends wedding on Saturday. I had some time on my hands in the morning so I figured I'd check out the museum dedicated to the best soft drink ever.Walking back to the car I saw this sign next too what would have been an amazing skate spot. Sad Day.


St. Paul's church was on the move last week out in Sandwich, Ill.

Despite it being mid-morning, I am pretty sure the whole town was out to watch the church cross a street, wiggle between two buildings and mosey on down Main street to its new location next to the parish office.
Parishioners held a small service out front of their church before the move began to bless its journey.
Thankfully the building made it unscathed and without incident.

Here's to another 150 years for St. Paul's Church.


Governor comes to town

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn came to Aurora earlier this week to announce a grant that will be used to liven up the banks of the Fox River.

Security was tight...ish. I guess I was expecting a bit more, but these guys didn't bother me so I wasn't complaining.