WKU Greek Week


Wednesday Night

Sprawled on the ground a hundred yards from his home Nick Gilyard hoped he wasn’t going to die like this.
    It was a Wednesday night like any other and Gilyard was walking back to his apartment along Kentucky Street when a black SUV approached with a passenger hanging out the window. As it passes he yells, “You stupid fucking nigger!”
    Unsure of what was coming next, Gilyard dropped to the ground and felt a cup of ice land on him and scatter across the ground.
    The SUV continued on and Gilyard remained on the ground unsure of what was coming next and praying this was as far as the assailants would take it.

Check out the full story over on the Herald's website HERE.


The Big Apple

I spent a few days in New York City last weekend attending the New York Times Lens Blog portfolio review. It was a great time exploring the city while seeing old friends and making some new ones. Here's a few frames I made while walking the streets and trying not to get lost.

Graffiti Collage


The Big Apple: Instadition

Aside from being my lifeline and subway cheat sheet in New York my phone played camera much of the time as well. Here are a few of my favorites.


Learning Doesn't Stop

Meet Frank Beauchamp.

Frank is a stellar fiddle player from Glasgow, KY whom I met at a jam session in Horse Cave, KY. Having played the fiddle nearly his whole life, Frank uses the instrument in the classroom as a well.

Learning Doesn't Stop from Brian Powers on Vimeo.