Wedding Weekend

Wow, well sorry for the long time no post business. Things got kinda crazy as school let out, Julie graduating (more still to come on that), and a crazy weekend of weddings, but there will be more posts coming soon!

I had the privilege to shoot two great weddings last weekend back in Kentucky. Friday night was Sarah and Donny in Northern Kentucky...
... and then Hayley and Alex in Bowling Green on Saturday, actually right down the street from my apartment there.

I had a blast at both weddings and wish the couples the best of luck. Your photos will be done soon!

p.s. I must thank my girlfriend and lovely assistant this weekend, Jordan :). It would have been a nightmare without your help, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!


Graduation day

Congrats Julie on your big day. Keep on smilin', your going to do some great things.



Going to the truck pull = Major truck envy for me.

Rolling into this show I was feeling pretty darn good about my truck.... then I realized that I am driving a Hot Wheels truck compared to these things.



As the end of the school year settles in and finals week descends upon campus things pick up so I'm sorry for the lack of posting. I have been keeping a little backlog of things to post so another posting blitzkrieg will soon hit. Until then though here is something to feast upon.

Donny and Sarah will be getting married in about a week and wanted to have portrait done before the wedding to hang there. We have had a lot of rain lately so when we finally got a break in the weather we met up at this little chapel covered in ivy and goofed around until the sun disappeared. It was great time and I am really excited to shoot their wedding. Congrats!

A lost roll of film from Easter popped up today so I thought I would share. We had a Easter bunny bouncing around outside Shutterbug advertising for Easter portraits that we were doing. It got a few honks and a scream or too.


Concerto de Trombone

Trombone concert in the Fine Arts Center on Campus. The ended the night with the James Bond theme song. It made me feel like I needed to be sneaking around shooting people, but instead of a pistol I was using a camera.


Pressing Matters

Greg Nanney brought his van, loaded with t-shirts, press and ink, to Western's campus the other day. Drive by Press was born out of a Masters project of Greg's and he has been on the road for the past 3 1/2 years hopscotching campus's around the country printing his artwork on T-shirts for $10 a pop if you bring your own shirt or $20 if you buy a shirt from them.
Nick Alley has been on the road with Greg for the past 4 months. Everywhere they go they collect prints from other artists and have amassed quite the collection of artwork from college's around the country.

The sale from these shirts is all that Greg and Nick use to fund their venture, but they have gotten help from other artists willing to support their cause. When their old truck broke down it was a donation that helped them get the van they now use to continue on with their business. "I think we got about another year in this." said Greg, "It will be nice to have a home again. Right now I don't even have a bed." he said laughing.

Check out more on Drive by Press HERE.



As greek week wound to a close the 30 something percent of campus that takes part in it converged on the student center auditorium for the awards show. The place was packed and felt like a sauna just without the big sweaty guys in towels.

Kappa Delta was one of the sororities that won a bunch of awards, but the one that really mattered was the Sisterhood award for Sorority of the year.

Thank god this room didn't have windows because when they were announced as the winners I'm pretty sure they would have shattered.

These guys are from the SAE frat and are so exicted because they just won frat of the year.