Team Penning

Some Team Penning action from the other day at the Ag Center. The competitors had to sort numbered calves in a certain order from one pen to another. It was a last minute assignment because Plan A and Plan B both got rained out so this is what we had to work with.




Sorry about that. I tried to get this mess of a blog to have a different address and it failed.... O well. Anyway, here are some portraits of me and the roomates. Disturbing I know.


The Whopper

I have been shooting.... I promise. I spent Saturday at the International fest downtown Bowling Green then made my way over to the Traveling Vietnam Memorial wall. The fest was cool, lots of stuff happening but it took me awhile to get into the shooting groove.

Since all of these outdoor activities were planned for Saturday the weather decided it was going to stink and rain on and off all day. Sure made things fun.

These are from the memorial wall. The Daily News had and would continue to cover this everyday last weekend so it was my job to try and pull something different out of it than the past two days.
That is this little guys dad at the wall. He is a Desert Storm Vet and looking for his Uncle's name on the wall who he named his youngest son after.

This is how it all came together on Monday's cover. If you want to see the slideshow of all the Fest and wall images check it out HERE.


Homeward Bound

Some frames from the last trip back to the homeland.

Nashville Airport
Chicago at night

Chicago at Noon



Call for Help

WKU's President Gary Ransdell spoke at an assembly welcoming all incoming freshman a few weeks ago. I found this quite comical.


New Church

Woodburn Baptist Church recently expanded its reach and opened up a church in nearby Franklin. I went over to check out the first service they had there and was greeted with super cool people and great access during the mass.

This lady is from in between Woodburn and Franklin and now says she isn't sure where to go. The new preacher at the Franklin campus was really cool and I could see people driving pretty far to see him.


Luke and the Pear.

Christmas came early a few days ago when a package arrived from B&H Photo in New York. I had ordered some lighting equipment and when it arrived Luke was the closest around so he became the first victim.

More pears. This time we had to light them..... hence the new lighting equipment. I promise I did come to a photojournalism school and not an art school.


...........Stay strong because soon, very soon............

High Society

WKU's branch of the Farmhouse Fraternity had their Queen of my Double Wide party a few days ago. I shot it last year (Look Here) and thought I would check it out again.


Food for thought

Some shots of a pear a carried around for a few days. Look, Laugh and Enjoy!


The oops post

Things I should have posted a long time ago and forgot. Oops.

This belongs with the last post of Football photos.... oops.
I shot these bluegrass players the first week I was here and it is just now getting up...Oops.
There is really no oops for this one. It just hasn't fit well with any other posts. Gutherie Tower reflected off the windows of the Athletic Center.


Web Gems

A lame reference to the ESPN bit I know, but Friday night lights wouldn't work so well considering only one is shot at night.

Next to the Hot Rods, High school football has been a big part of my shooting so far in the big BG. Here are some of my favorites....

This ran cropped in on the running back, but I kinda like it wider. Any thoughts?

Monty Python and the Ministry of Silly Walks.......... anyone?