Spirit makes the Master

In the spirit of Western's game today against North Texas here is some more football outtakes from earlier.

Kinda thought this one was cool.... any thoughts? Am I going crazy?

...and just to show I can focus......


Western shows it's colors

The season's are a changin' so here are some colors from around campus.


Western Football

Some game action from the last home game.


Waffle House Shoot Out

That's right, the first official Waffle House shootout took place yesterday.

The rules
- Couldn't leave the table
- Cellphone cameras only

Here is my shot...

and the great Jenny Kane-


Locker room Barber

While working on another story, I stumbled upon this scene in the WKU football locker room of Marell Booker cutting fellow running back Bobby Rainey's hair. The guys were really cool and mentioned that Booker is basically the team barber and even cuts some of the coaches hair.
The Herald ran a story on him today, check it out HERE.


NWA Main Event

I ventured down to Portland, Tn the other night to check out some NWA wrestling. In a small parks and rec gymnasium, grown men in spandex pretended to fight each other in front of a roaring crowd of 30. They said they usually perform in Nashville every week, where they get a much better draw....

For the few that were there though..... man, were they intense.


Musical ice cream serenity

An ice cream truck has been circling out neighborhood these past few days. It's funny because as a kid we never had the ice cream man come down our street. We could hear the music as he went down the south side of the street, but never did he venture to the north side.

Anyway, on to the window. Viewed after one of Western's football games on the way back to the truck.

More of the band Micah...

...and I think we will end on a thoughtful note, as Associate Professor Harold Little airs out his Wall Street Journal so it would fold back up nicely to be tucked under his arm on his way back to class.


Loose ends

These are just some tidbits from over that last few weeks. No theme on this post.

Crazy storm about 2 weeks ago

I wish I could lay claim to this, but I found it at work and couldn't resist a scan. Possible portrait idea......?

Mrs. Erin Denny was nice enough to pose for a portrait last week in her studio at Shutterbug.

I have posted plenty of Scott recently, so to be fair here is sister Kelly...

....from sister Kelly to sinister Kelly.


What is that?

I had some requests to post photos of the home brew ring light. It is a cat toy cut in half for the meat of the operation. Line that with tin foil and about 12 feet of rope or christmas lights and you should be golden. The big draw back is the power output which is rather low, but hey.... for $20 bucks, I'm not complaining.


As promised...

These are what came of the tests from the other day of Ben. This is Joe Tichenor from the band Micah, that I had posted earlier. He was super cool and put up with me being right in his face with this obnoxious looking ring light I created from a cat toy, tin foil and rope light. Let me know what you think....


My apologies...

... but these were just to funny not to post. I was trying out some different lighting situations with a new light and Ben was once again my victim... I mean, subject. I will put the real ones up tomorrow.


Hysteric Hilltoppers

With basketball season just around the corner, Western had it's big celebration, Hilltopper Hysteria, the other day. Expectations for the teams this year are high so lets hope for the best.

Reigning Slam dunk champ Sergio Kerusch going up for one of his last dunks of the night.