More fun....

Two random images from last week that I found between assigments

Diddle arena, home of Hilltopper bball.

...and possibly the best thing you could possibly wear to a game of pickup basketball. It is a good thing this guy was king of the court.


Au Naturale


High school Soccer

Two local teams met up last week, Warren Central and Warren East. Central dominated the game thanks to 5 goals by their star player.


Special Delivery

This was on the way down to school last week.... It caused almost an hour delay, forcing two lanes down to one. Luckily we were on the opposite side because North bound traffic was backed up for miles and was diverted off the highway and around the wreck.


Wedding Summer

With no internship this summer Weddings and freelance work has taken up most of my time so there may be a few wedding themed posts for a little while as I go back through them all to get my wedding portfolio together.

This was from last Saturday. Three guesses as to who the DJ was playing at the time...


Mother Dearest...


More from PA

Just got a bunch of film back of our trip to see Jordan's sister in Pennsylvania. So.......... Enjoy!

View from the top of our hike overlooking Lockhaven, PA ....
Archie checking out the porta-potties.

Jenny and Jackson

The big man himself

Greg got buried and had a boob job in the process.

Now, I know everything that should be in focus in this photo isn't along with a lot of other problems, but I still liked it. Not sure why....

This was from a street fest on Roscoe. I should have hung around this sign longer to see what could have happened.


Phone home

I forgot I had some photos that I had taken on my phone awhile ago so I just thought I would share.

View of the skyline from the St. Ignatius soccer field...
Scott at Overtime...


Sunset Service

With school starting back up soon and the four of us going our separate ways, Dad thought it would be a good idea to take the family on a surprise trip. We rolled into Eagle Ridge resort on Sunday evening and explored the grounds. Tonight was spent on the deck outside the restaurant, I stole Dad's camera (a Nikon D40, and yes, I might have had something to do with that :) and snapped this as we were chillin out there. The diners probably thought I was pretty creepy.... Goofy lookin dude with a camera and a pipe hanging out his mouth taking their picture. O well.

Early Morning Workout

Well, not for me at least, but for about 2,200 triathletes from around the country it was. Naperville held its annual sprint triathlon on Sunday morning and I went out there to cover it for the Naperville Sun. A few of these got published but some didn't but I just thought I would share them anyway. To see the story go HERE.

Right as I was about to leave I saw this guy standing off to the side of the finish line with a banner all rolled up and a cutout of a silver bell. I struck up a conversation to hopefully confirm my suspicions that he was proposing and low and behold it was his brother that was going to pop the question.

His brother and his soon to be fiance were both running in the race and they were going to string the banner up so she could run through it at the end where he would then be waiting on one knee. How cute :) So needless to stay I didn't leave and she said yes.... inbetween gasps as she tried to catch her breath.


Post from the PA

Jordan and I spent last week visiting her sister in Lock Haven, PA. We had a blast, hiked a lot up some really cool trails and I did my fair share of plastic sword fighting with her 5 year old nephew.

Detroit has one of the goofiest airports I have ever been in. It is basically two really long hallways with a tram to take you from end to end.

The walkway that connects the two buildings though is possibly the coolest walkway ever.
Meet Archie. Jordan's two year old niece.

And Jordan looking very chic at the airport after we found out our 1 hour layover had been turned into an all day affair that only ended after 5 gate changes, 4 delayed flights, and one canceled one.


Fire Jrs. Soccer

The Chicago Fire Juniors played in the 2009 World Sport International Cup which gave area teams the chance to play other soccer clubs from around the world. The Juniors played a team from South Africa and won the match 2-0 to take third in the tournament.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with the game. I just got there to early and got bored :)


Classic Car Cruise

There was a classic car cruise down Route 66 on Saturday morning and it was starting at a restaurant in town. Cool cars on a nice day.... I am so there. Unfortunatly I could not join them on their 1 hour long cruise down to Pontiac, Ill. and back as I had a wedding to shoot that night but Oh do I wish I could have.