The Traveling Post

Only because the first two have something to do with traveling. We spent last weekend moving into a new house at school so I spent Thursday and Monday traveling through the lovely state of Indiana.

I love truck stops. I would stop at every one on my way to and from school if I had the time to waste.

When I go to see Jordan I usually end up leaving after work, so around 6 ish. This is both good and bad.... Bad- Traffic. Terrible, awful Chicago traffic..... Good- Light. Beautiful golden washes of light. Which leads back to a bad- shooting while driving. :)
This really has nothing to do with traveling but it was on the same roll as the previous so here it is. This is a wine shop on Roscoe street with one of the coolest signs ever.


Passing time at the great past time.

For Julie's graduation we went to her very first White Sox game at Comiskey park (I refuse to use the name you see on the scoreboard below.) Coming off an ugly win the night before against the Tampa Bay Rays I was holding out hope we would see a win but alas.... it was not to be.

Bobby Jenks, a man we Sox fans have quite the love/hate relationship with came in after getting the save the night before and blew the great game that started Clayton Richard had thrown.

But all is well that ends well, We may have lost, but..... Julie found the ice cream.... in a tiny helmet none the less! "I'm going to use it to hold my bobby pins!" she said.

O well, I tried..... :)


Chi-rish fest

I went to go check out The Tossers play at the Irish American Heritage fest on Friday. Hailing from the south side of Chicago they play some sweet tunes that mix equal parts of punk and traditional Irish sounds with a heavy splash of alcohol.... as usually it was a great show.


More of the lady

We went down to the old fishing hole to bum around for a bit the other day. And then.... the best wings in town.


To color or not to color?

I couldn't decide. Thoughts?

Remember when this was fun?

A few grabs from the past few weeks. Remembering why I love this magic box.

Grandma with her boys.

More drive by shootings.

Jordan waiting for the El. She will get used to it one day :)


The best camera...

... is the one you have with you. And as hard as it try, there are some times the big fancy camera has to stay home. After seeing some work by St. Petersburg Times photographer Melissa Lyttle and her trusty iPhone, I got to experimenting with the camera on my phone that I had long thought off as useless. But now...

.... who actually talks on a phone anyway anymore?


State of the Industry?

Papers collect in the entrance to a long boarded up business on Roscoe street.


As Promised

More from the weekend down in Pana with the Powers family. This a portrait taken of them circa a long time ago. The other object is Grandma and Grandpa's original wedding topper from 50 years again.
Dad and Grandpa on the golf course.

The lovely Tiffany....

and Julie checking to make sure she is still alive.


Like father like son

Or at least we can hope not. :) It's always a party when the Powers come to town and we had the whole family down at the lake to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary. Preston loved the camera, Mike...... not so much. There is much more from the weekend and I promise more updates. Really...... I swear.