Chicago Auto Show

Went to the auto show last weekend with the Family to oogle at vehicles we could never own. I must say, I was rather disappointed this year. Only a few concept cars, and nothing new that really tickled my fancy.
Oh well, maybe next year.

I was being spied on....
Ohhhhhhhh, the Dodge booth. Dangerous territory for me and probably my favorite stop of the show. I was hoping to see some sort of hybrid truck but it was not to be. They did hang a Dodge Ram upside down though. Very cool.


Royal Repeat

The Lady Royals repeated their state title tonight and defeated Routt 38-32. It was a close game, only 12-12 at half-time, but H-BR managed to pull out a win with a late run in the 4th quarter. I spent most of the game on the corners of the floor, but they had a balcony up high that I had noticed yesterday and spent the first quarter up there.

Hinckley-Big Rock's cheering section showed up in force again to cheer them on to victory.

The end of the game was pretty emotional as expected. Most of the team hadn't changed since last years win and are now seniors so this is their last year.


Semi-final fun

The Hinckley-Big Rock girls basketball team is playing for their second State championship in a row. Tonight they got one step closer by defeating Ridgewood in the semi's 49-44.

This is my first sporting event in quite awhile so I was a bit nervous as the game kicked off, but got back into a groove pretty quick. This is HBR's standout, Jenna Thorpe. She is a senior this year and has a full ride to NIU to play basketball.
I found out my good friend Beck Diefenbach was going to be shooting the games also. Beck is a great shooter that I learned a lot from during his intern days at the Naperville Sun. I would suggest a peek at his blog HERE.
Mr. Diefenbach looking dapper as always.
Back to the game... I am pretty sure everyone from the Hinckley/Big Rock area came out to watch.

It got pretty close at the end as Ridgewood came back and tied the game.

With about 20 seconds left in regulation HBR missed their shot and the game went to overtime.

4 minutes later the Lady Royals were jumping out of their chairs as they won the game 49-44 to move onto the finals.

Hello Normal

I am down in Normal, Ill covering the State Basketball finals. This was my drive down this morning. Whoooooo!

Snowman Man

Meet Greg. He has become an icon on Route 34 through Sandwich, Ill for making little snow sculptures on the side of the road. He's not homeless but is somewhat of a wanderer. With no way to contact him we went out there and miraculously ran into him.
He was a really great guy, kinda spacey though. He said he just started doing it to get out of the house, but when local high schooler's saw him they created a facebook page for him that now has over 3,000 fans.



D-Town Aurora

I was moseying around Downtown Aurora the other morning and stumbled upon this number.
A new college is being built downtown and local business owners are concerned about the added cars to the area's already congested parking scene.


Viking Office Supply

A staple in downtown Geneva for the past 30 years is closing it's doors in a month or so. Weldon here, started the business and his daughter has been working for him for the last 25 and has now taken over it. Check out the story HERE.


Love was in the air

These are kinda old, but I wanted to share them anyway. They are the stills that ran with the multimedia piece on Teen love for Valentine's Day. Here is the original post if you want to check out the video again.


Lakeside again


Walking the Dog

I waited for one of Chicago's ever present seagulls to fly by..... they must have been napping.


Hole in the wall kinda place

Walking out of a parking garage in the city the other night, this building caught my eye. I shot a few frames of just the building but as I stepped back to continue on my way, I noticed how well the hole mirrored the building, and BAM! blog post.


On Top of Aurora

I got to go up in a crane today to shoot some solar panels on a building. As we were coming down I shot this one overlooking downtown Aurora. It was fun, and cold, very cold.


Some random photos sitting in the depths of my blog folder....


It's all Relative

Ah yes... one of the biggest perks of being back home is seeing the fam'. Messed up bunch that we are, it's nice being part of it again.

Julie and Nana

Julie was getting ready to go out with some friends, and not wanting to be left out, Amy gets her hair did by Julie before she heads out.
Pop's big day... 82 and still rockin.




Young and in Love

This is a fun little video we did for Valentines day. We went to two different High Schools and asked teens what they thought about love..... we got some pretty funny answers.

The reporter, Stephanie Lulay, wrote a great article, HERE, and did a great job collecting the audio.


Shoot for the moon


Snow Snow Snow, more Snow

More snow features from yesterday. Different ones ran, but these were my favorites .


Snow? What snow?

The "big" storm hit yesterday and dropped maybe four inches around us. Snow features were the name of the game yesterday as I spent the better part of my day cruising. These are just two that I liked.


Light and Weather

We are supposed to get hammered with snow tonight and tomorrow so I went over to a local feed and seed store to see if anyone was stopping by to pick up salt in preparation for the big storm supposedly headed our way. The place is full of great light and the owner, bottom photo, is 91 and has been in Aurora forever.


Wrigley in the Winter

Before work today, Jordan and I went to the skating rink at Wrigley Field. Aside from the cries of, "I'm gonna fall on my a**!" She did really well for not having been it in quite awhile.

Apparently she hadn't been skating in awhile either. Shortly after this her dad held her between his legs and she would basically "run" as he skimmed her legs over the ice. It was quite comical...... I guess you had to be there....


Vines 2.0

I had to go back by this alley again today so I figured I would wait it out for someone to walk by and after about 10 minutes someone did. WhoooHooo!

On my way back to the office I passed this guy who was holding a sign for a tax company. The only exposed skin on his body was the 1 inch gap for his eyes, but on top of all his layers was a coat that had $100 dollar bills all over it with gold trim.... I couldn't resist.