Clean up and Clean out

Doing a little mid summer cleaning of the "blog" folder....


More from the lake...


Evening on the lake



Dueling cameras.

"You better move, I'm letting go now!"


Abortion Protest

About a week or so ago I went out to cover a local pro-life group that was protesting at the intersection of two major roads on the north (wealthy) side of our coverage area. It was an experience to say the least.

They had about 8 to 10 people lined up and down both sides of both streets at the intersection holding up signs and flags as they shouted at cars driving by.

Most of the signs were pretty graphic with photos of aborted babies and such. There was a mixed response from passers-by, from honks to the one finger wave to straight up threats, but never any confrontations.




Kane County Cougars

I spent an afternoon over at Elfstrom Stadium the other day. Nice light and great weather, its tough to beat a good day at the ball park.

Couldn't decide between these two...

Plus it was fireworks night!

War Birds

Three planes that fought in various wars throughout the years were at Aurora Airport on Thursday. These were my favs and surprisingly what actually ran! Gotta love when that happens.


64 Years

Last week I shot what may have been the best wedding ever.

Well, sort of.... After 64 years of marriage Albert and Marion Wagner renewed their vows at the nursing home where Marion lives.

About a year ago Marion suffered from a stroke and nearly passed away. "It was close," Albert said, "but shes still here."
Since the stroke Marion has been on hospice care at the nursing home and Albert comes to visit her daily.
"They sit in her room and watch soaps all day holding hands. It's really cute." Marion's caretaker said.

Family and friends all came out to the ceremony decked out in pink, Marion's favorite color, and then they had a mini reception (complete with bad DJ) afterward.

I asked Albert if he felt any different today than he did 64 years ago. Without hesitating the 85 year veteran said, "I love her more today than I did 64 years ago."
To read the story and see more photos click HERE.


Picket line




Wedding Preview

With another weekend of wicked wedding fun coming up I thought I would post a little preview/review of some wedding goodness so far this year. A short little slide show that has more juicy goodness is in the works but this should do for now.


A Porch Night

Day in the Park

I went out the Fox Valley Special Recreation Associations Day in the park yesterday to have some fun. The park was filled with kids from camps all over the Fox Valley Region which was really cool, unlike the temperature which felt like 100 degrees plus humidity. One of those days you walk outside and start sweating. Oh well, any day outside is a day I'm not in the office and thats perfectly fine with me.

My answer to the heat was to hang out by the dunk tank and get splashed whenever the dunkee was dropped.
They had some of the coolest blowup bouncy things I have ever seen. This one had basketball in it while others were full obstacle courses and mini theme parks!


Oswego Prairie

This was a story we did on the Oswego Prairie United Methodist Church closing its doors after over 150 years of service.
What was once a booming church in a farming community has suffered with the shift away from small farms and the types of services people attend. Still pretty traditional in its approach to church, it is a place where the entire congregation knows each other, mainly because there are only 10 official members there.

The church is being taken over by another church whose congregation is booming. So much so that they have added services and outgrown their sanctuary and hold Sunday service in a gymnasium.
No immidiate plans are in effect as to the fate of Oswego Prairie's building but promises have been made not to tear down the structure that dates back to the early 1900's.