Red Mango

The frozen yogurt chain Red Mango hired me to photograph one of their chain owners at his franchise. These were a few of my favorites from the day.


National Saudi Day

Western hosted National Saudi day on campus earlier this week and I spent some time hanging out with the good folks as they handed out Arabic coffee and treats to curious students.


Trashmaster Classic

Every year Friends of Barren River Lake & Parks organize the Trashmaster Classic in an effort to clean up the shores of Barren River Lake.

Football: WKU vs. Morgan State

Western took on Morgan State last weekend in their first home game of the year.
The first half was pretty exciting as Western's Antonio Andrews ran back the opening kickoff on his way to a record setting 5 touchdowns. The stands pretty much emptied by the third quarter as the game ended in a 58-17 WKU route of Morgan State


Mammoth Cave Naturalization Cermony

For only the second time in it's history, Mammoth Cave hosted a U.S. Naturalization ceremony officially recognizing 39 new U.S. citizens.
Traditionally held in courthouses, some ceremonies are now being held in National Parks around the country. 


Naperville's Last Fling

Every year Naperville's Last Fling marks the end of summer and thanks to a couple weddings I had back in Chicago I was able to squeeze in a few hours at the soggy fest this year.



So This is College....the sequel

I guess it was an omen, leaving school and never changing this blog name, that I would eventually return.

Having left halfway through the Photojournalism program at WKU to take a job in Chicago, it was always my goal to finish the degree. With each passing year that goal seemed more like a romantic idea rather than concrete reality.

The layoffs at the Sun-Times changed all of that.

So, after a few long discussions it was settled and my wife and I packed up the biggest truck we could find and headed down I-65 towards Bowling Green.

There were some growing pains as I relearned how to be a student, but exploring the campus was and remains a fun escape while the constant activity continues to be a source of inspiration.

So here's to starting over and fresh perspectives.