I don't have a really cool New Years post, but I put together some of my favorite images from the time I spent with local band Micah. Have a look, tell me what ya think, but please.... enjoy! These guys were a blast to hang out with gracious enough to let me take way to many photos of them, so thank you Jacquelyn, Joe, Garrett and Darrick, best of luck to you all in the coming year.

Check out their website HERE.


Time in the Field

Jordan and I spent Monday walking around the Field Museum in Chicago with her Sister's family. It had been quite awhile since I had been to the Field, so it was cool see it again- especially with Jordan's niece and nephew. They gave me an excuse to act like I was 5 again..... big change, I know.


City City

A view of Chicago from the Field Museum.
Boats on the lake.



Here Comes Santa Claus

A few more from Santa Rampage in Nashville.

Santa at the Beer Sellar
The Man, The Legend - Mr. Travis "Kringle" Garner

"I'll show you some Christmas spirit."


Scenes from 65

I-65 North that is. On my way home from school last week.


This one's on Santa

Merry Christmas from the Man in red himself.


Santa Does Nashville.

Nashville had it annual Santa Rampage on the 12th...... 200 or so Santa's hit as many bars in Nashville as possible in one night.... who could miss it? Fellow photographer Travis Garner and I went down there to butter up Santa before his big day comes....


Santa Baby

I shot a freelance gig for the Aurora Beacon-News yesterday at Rush-Copley Medical Center. Most of the babies in the NeoNatal ICU will be spending their first Christmas in the hospital so, one of the doctors dressed up as Mr. Claus and delivered presents to them and their families.
Check out the story HERE.


Open Season

I spent some time over in Eastern Kentucky last weekend to check out the first Black bear hunt in over 100 years in the bluegrass. Unfortunately, er, well fortunately for the bears I guess, Saturday was a bust and no bears were had. It was a good trip anyway though, saw my first snow of the season, met some cool people and made some fun photos..... Good day in my book.


The end of India as we know it.

That's right, this is, I think, the last of the India photos. Some random shots of how we got around while we were over there. Mostly buses that I was amazed made it anywhere on those crowded streets.

This is a light traffic day. It was taken from a Rickshaw or Tuk Tuk as they are called because of the sound their small diesel engine makes. They are basically a glorified lawnmower with a canopy. Seating for 3, but we managed 5 and I saw them packed with many more. Akin to taxi's here in the States they put Chicago taxi drivers to shame with how crazy and aggressive they drive.

Podcast specialist Stacie Hewitt inside a Tuk Tuk.

Yours Truly.

Peace out Mr. Danny Dressler.


Conference Call

Finally getting down to the end of the India photos, so more stateside stuff to come. These are all shots that were intended to go up on the IFRA blog but never made it so I am posting them here.



It is finally starting to get a bit nippy here in the Bluegrass state. Far from what I hear being grumbled by those back home (Chicago), but if you talk to locals here you'd think the world stops moving at 30 degrees.
I figured we'd take a break from warm and sunny India (it was 75 on Dec. 1 btw) and revisit good ol' BG,KY.

As a preview for next week... Merry Christmas
And its not quite snow, but I have woken up to a frost covered truck the past few days and snapped a few while it was warming up/defrosting.

Not sure how many times I will be seeing this building again. Mass Media and Technology Hall- home of WKU PJ.


Market Days

On our last day in Hyderabad we finally had some time to wander the town a bit. A small group of us headed over to a what I think was the Indian version of a flea market and did some Christmas shopping.

This was the little restaurant that was there. They had glass bottle Coke aka heaven. Regina Durkan was one of our two man video team that I am sure pulled more than one all nighter on the trip.

Hail Mary from a plane window.


Party in the Park.....

... er, well golf course. Close enough.

Here is our motley crew all dressed up in front of the Chowmahalla Palace.