A few of my favorite engagement photos from this past season. This was the first year I really did a lot of these sessions and the more I did, the more comfortable I got doing them. Now I have just as much fun shooting these as the actually wedding day.

I plan on doing a full wedding recap soon, but that is going to take a bit more time as I wade through the almost 30 weddings I shot this year. Stay tuned!


North Avenue Beach

I've been going through organizing and toning some of this years engagement and wedding work and came across some test shots before a recent engagement session. I'll put up a full post of those over the next day or so.


Shots, Shots, Shots

Well it finally came, my littler sister Julie turned the big 21 this past weekend. Now, shes probably already spent more time in a bar than will in my life, but I must say that buying her drinks is going to take some getting used too....



Spent yesterday in the city visiting the downtown office of the Sun-Times just to remind them we exist out in the west burbs. I got there a bit early so I wandered....


SmokeDaddy's BBQ


Crunchy Leaves


Sunshine State

A little film from a recent trip to Florida...


Remember when...

Seems like not that long ago we were donning the swim trunks and flip-flops on our way to the beach....

Truck Stop in a Storm


Occupy Naperville

The Occupy Movement has finally come to Naperville. I'm a little shocked it took this long actually.... Check out more photos over on the VISUALOGUE!


Apple River Canyon





I had the chance to shoot Nascar last weekend down in Joliet, Ill. I'd been to a few races with friends, but this was a first to be shooting it and it was unbelievable.
There's more to come, but here is a few for now.


Stay in Line

I had a few minutes to walk around the city before a shoot the other night. I should really get out more often....


Walls of Jericho: Part two

I won't go back over the details, but this is the second in a series that a reporter and I are doing on the Jericho Circle housing project in Aurora, Ill. (To see part 1 CLICK HERE)

For the second year in a row, Jericho Circle was supposed to come down this summer and the residents relocated, but due to fights and disagreements between the City and the Housing Authority about half of the residents at Jericho remain living in sub-par conditions.
While community violence has died down in recent years, the summer heat, mixed with high tensions as neighbors all fight for the same section 8 housing, has lead to a few outbreaks this summer.
Not only are the residents affected, but the school district who was not expecting to be responsible for the over 100 students coming from Jericho, now has to bus and provide for these kids on an already stressed budget.