Christmas Memories

More from Christmas at home and then the cool fog the day after.

She looks just thrilled don't she...

Napping already. It took all he had to rip the paper of his gifts... What more could you ask of him?

Look at that face. Who could say no to that?

This was as Julie and I drove through the car wash. She covered her face because she couldn't believe I was taking this dude's picture.

More fog.


Foggy Daze

Somehow we had a heat wave come through last night and it made for some sweet fog. Driving home I couldn't see 10 feet in from of the truck, but I couldn't resist going out to shoot.

Train stations always provide some interesting stuff to shoot I think.

This is looking down my street. You can usually see to the end which is just past the last evergreen but not tonight.

On the platform as a train pulls up.

Walking around downtown. This cleaner has been here forever and is one of the last Mom and Pop shops left.
Find the face!

Down the street where a builder torn down 3 houses and stripped about 8 lots of trees and now it has sat empty for over a year. Lovely.


Christmas '08

Some photos from Christmas 2008...

Mom having to much fun cooking with Nana and Jordan on Christmas eve.

Mom and Dad opening their gift on the morning of.

Julie passed out after opening gifts. What a doll-

Chef Dad cooking up some bacon for breakfast. Yum.


Chirstmas part 1

Looking out our back window I woke up to a fresh 4 inches of snow on the ground which made for an interesting drive later on because the city decided not to plow, or so it seemed by the conditions of the roads.

This is on that drive that should have taken about 30 minutes but ended up taking about an hour and thirty because of the snow. So here is Dad enjoying every minute of it.

Everyone made it safely and a good time was had. Yay Christmas.

As bad as our drive was Grandma and Grandpa had a whole 17 hours of crap weather driving up from Florida and boy did we hear about it. "We left 70 degree weather for this!" said Grandpa, more than once or twice.


Exercise in Paradise

Ah yes, Life in paradise... Otherwise known as christmas time around the mall.

And this is how Mom deals with it. Wii exercise.


Home Sweet Home

A last minute lack of funding sent me back to Chicago instead of down to New Orleans to shoot a frat that was supposed to be doing some relief work down there. It was a welcome surprise to be able to come home early and to be welcomed by about 4 inches of snow. O how I missed it here.


Tim and...

Church. One of the chapters in this story is going to be about Tim and his church life. He has told me about the relationship that he has with his preacher and how much apart of his life that he plays in it. They talk a lot on the phone and Tim goes to church every Sunday. He knows all about Tim's favorite pastimes and his home life, so it sounds like it will be pretty cool.

These are from last Sunday. First time I went to church with him. I was asked if I went to church by the preacher... that went over well.



Here is the final story on Tim for class. By no means does this tell the whole story but I am going to keep working on it and there will be more to come later. So far this has been a blast to work on and I have learned so much from the story and everyone here at school. Enjoy...


Campus Diversity post #2

Post number two from the diversity shoot. This is when they were hanging out at the bowling alley on campus. They were a fun group, and boy did they love their bowling.

Diversity on Campus

These are from an assignment I shot about the diversity on campus. They might not say as much about the story but I thought they were more fun than the others so that's whats going up for now.


Story Time

Tim went over to the pool to brush up on his diving skills tonight. He was on the dive team in High school and was still pretty darn good. The photos on the other hand...


Best of the worst

I went and shot the Basketball game against Georgia tonight. It was a good game, but yet again I found myself more drawn to the crowd than the game it self. Shooting up by the jumbotron provided some cool light mixed with the arena lights. This guy had a cool reflection in his glasses too.

This shot is kinda a let down for me. I had a bunch that were better but I just was killing myself because they weren't sharp. Some were just way off and some were almost there but not enough. I like this one its just there were better. O well, Live and learn I guess.


Thanksgiving in the B.G.

So this year Thanksgiving was brought to me courtesy my family. I wasn't going to be able to make it back to Chicago so they decided to make the trek south and I couldn't have been happier that they did. We had quite the feast at my apartment of all places, with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Cathy, Scott and his roommate attending. Kelly and Dempsey even made an appearance. It was the best that apartment has ever smelled. Then on Saturday we went to Mammoth Cave to spend some "quality time" as the loving dysfunctional family unit we are. We go to a big, dark, wet hole in the ground to spend family time together.

Anyway, here's the Family as they walk mafia style up to the cave entrance. sopranos eat your heart out.

The cave was pretty cool. Unfourtunatly we were with some people who thought it a good idea to bring their kid who couldn't have been more than a year old on the tour. Look, if your child can't sleep at night without crying, chances are they aren't going to like being in a pitch black cave with 100 other people.

Bet you didn't know metal stairs were made by mother nature.

Julie Powers- Ladies and Gentlemen... Making her modeling debut.
See, at least she gets it honestly. I'm thinkin we just got ourselves a christmas card.