Pop...Day 2

Today, it was decided to be pasta day. So the three stooges that we are ventured out to Wal-mart to figure out what we needed.
On a side note, I swear to god this actually happened. I picked up the darts and the two in the bullseye were the first two I threw. I have two witnesses also.

(Read the next line in your best Pop voice) HEY! Take my picture. O wait, lemme get the wine out. (Three frames later...) Jeez, HOW MANY YOU GANNA TAKE?!

Thats right I cooked it and it was tasty.

Pasta, Meat, Gravy. Ah the simple things in life. Oh and some wine.
And we will end today with yet another awkward/goofy shot of Pop.


Hangin with the big boys

"Hey Pop!" I said as he got of the bus. First thing I heard, "I want some southern fried chicken!" Well hello to you too.

So here is the first night. Ben in training from the "master."

Someone is not the party animal they used to be. 10:00 pm on the dot.


Airing out my not so dirty laundry

So here is what my room has looked like for the past day or so since I decided it would be a good idea to through a week and a halves worth of laundry in the dryer at the same time. 24 hours later and it is still a bit damp. I could have just put it back in but its to late now and besides, that would have been the smart thing to do. I mean come on, it's not like I'm in college or anything.

This is looking down kind of the middle of campus. It's the main drag if your walking around campus. I will put up a better photo of it when the light is nicer but I had requests for campus shots and I don't like to disappoint my loyal viewing audience.
The Student activities center is the building on the right and straight ahead is the Guthrie Tower. If you go left from that my building (Mass Media and Communication) is right there. You'd be able to see it if the trees weren't there. Behind the tower is a dorm which is at the far end of campus.Random shot of a pathway on the top of the hill. It is just this area of a bunch of boulders and it is landscaped and has bridges. Ya its a high class place. It's pretty...so I pictured it.


First day of classes

So today was the first day of classes, and of course it was pouring rain. Bad omen or cleansing rain signaling a fresh start? I'm not sure. I'm just going to go with a royal pain in the tush. I walked into my class looking like I just got out of the shower. Here is a guy who had a little more foresight than I did.

This is looking down the street from Cherry Hall which is at the top of the hill. We live on the left side right were the hill flattens out. It is a "fun" walk up the hill in the morning, takes me about 5-10 minutes. I will have strong legs with an expanding waistline.

"How do I use this thing?"
So I finally got the code for the laundry room that is at our building. It only took a week and a half to find out but now that we got that we decided to test the limits of their machines by stuffing all our laundry in it at one time. The washing machine did fine, but it was the dryer that seemed to leave my clothes a little damp. Not so much next time i guess.


Here we go.

So it all starts tomorrow...well technically today, but I haven't gone to sleep yet so it is still tomorrow. Revoly at 8:00 am not to return till 8:30 pm, but monday is my long day, the rest are fairly normal. Two journalism classes end my day so at least i have something to look forward too.
I banged up my finger on a sign playing disc golf today which is making typing not so fun so here are some photos from around town and on campus.Old tobacco factory I thought was abandoned. Then I walked past a vent...not so abandoned smelling.Top of the hill.

When family and friends collide

So it is now 3.30 am and for some reason the since we got here I haven't been able to go to sleep early. I get really tired but just don't feel like sleeping. Tonight though there is a reason though. We went bowling, again. This time minus Dempsey but plus Scott and Archie (a really close friend of Scott's). We have hung out with these guys a lot this week and have had a blast every time. They have made this first week down here so much fun and have helped keep me from sitting in the apartment thinking of home. So I thank them for that.....Over and over and over. Kelly said it best today when she said that it feels just like hanging out with a group a friends and forgetting that, "O ya, you're family!"
Anyway here is some stuff from the bowling alley and then waffle house afterwards.

Kelly did so well on this roll that she channeled Michael Jackson...Unfortunately the channel was a bit fuzzy.

Three pitchers of beer and a large coke later everyone was pretty happy. Guess who had the coke.
Ah Waffle House. Not only did I move to a town with some awesome family that I didn't get to see enough of earlier in life, but I am now within 5 miles of 5 Sonics' and 3 Waffle Houses'. and yes Julie, I will probably have a belly.


Golf and me...

... just dont mix. Whether it is getting a little ball in a little hole or a frisbee in a basket it never works. I still find myself playing from the next fairway over. O well. Practice makes perfect and it will get me out of the apartment and moving around, which is good considering all the crap we eat. There is a 6 hole course on campus and i think four more around town so it shouldn't get old anytime soon.

Darts, Darts and more Darts

So the five dollar dart board that I bought at a garage sale 10 years ago is finally getting its due. We play at least 5 games a day. Our arms were sore after the first weekend from playing so much. This shot is looking down the hallway towards bens room straight ahead. My room is at the end on the right.


Here goes nothin.

So here is the aftermath of the first move in day. Mom and Ben crashed on the floor of the apartment.

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts just kinda keeping a record of my adventure through this thing college. I'll put up new stuff as often as possible so check back often and talk back to me so I feel good about myself!