Slamma Jamma

I got the chance to shoot a poetry slam at a local bar on Friday night. I had never been to one so it was pretty interesting to see. Most of the people where really good, the guy who won was actually a Freshman at WKU so that was cool. Poets came from all over, Louisville, Lexington, Birmingham and Memphis are some of the farther places, just to speak their poetry. It was set up in rounds and people got eliminated after each round and the winner got $300 cash.

Each performer had three minutes to talk about whatever they wanted. Some read, some talked but most had some poems that they gave. Most of the better ones really got into their stories and acted them out.

This is the guy from Western, He is originally from Frisco and came here for the debate/speech team. He beat out some pretty well respected poets to win which was cool for him.


A little rain never hurt nobody

...but apparently it is detrimental to Bowling Green and its residents. It has been raining a lot here and it dipped below freezing so everyone seems to be freaking out about it. People were calling in to work, the other campus' were closed, roads were dead, it was actually kinda nice.

This was on the bushes right outside the apartment. Lots of trees were down and some just missed cars and homes.

Shots from around campus
Inspired by my friend Peter Hoffman, I tried to work the colors on the way home from class but its was still raining and I was getting cold.


Pleasant surprise

So the tables were turned on me this weekend and I got a nice surprise in that Mom, Nana and Julie came down and surprised me at my door step. Unfortunately Dad and Pop couldn't make it but we had fun anyway plus we now have enough food for a week in the fridge thanks to them.

Nana had her first Sonic experience this trip. What a big moment for her...

Dinner's Ready!

Luke taking the reigns and makin some grub. A stellar pot roast that made the whole place smell like heaven sure beat the PB&J I had the night before.

Story of my(his) life

A little up date on my story on Tim (Click me to see the story again!)...
It was the last show that they are going to be having at the bar he performs at and with him being underage the other bar in town that has shows wont let him perform. The twist was that him and John, his boyfriend, had broke up on bad terms and John had fired Tim and wouldn't let him perform or even come to the show. Well Tim decided to go anyway...

Getting ready in the bathroom as his grandmother works on her computer. She usually goes to the shows but hasn't been feeling well and wasn't going to make it.

This was after the show at his house. He had planned to do a tribute number to his mom at the show but couldn't so he did it afterwards in their living room. It was pretty cool to witness. His mom supports him fully and this was his way of expressing his gratitude to her.

These are just some fun shots from the night...


And so it begins...

For the inauguration I went down to Shake Rags restaurant to see what trouble I could get into. Its just down the street from the apartment and looks to have some killer BBQ. There was a few shooters there which makes working in an already small space a bit rough. I just feel like I'm always in someones way.
It wasn't D.C. but at least I got to shoot something on a day that will be remembered for quite awhile.

I didn't realize that the KGB was going to be here too.


History eve

I shot a march that was held in honor of Martin Luther King jr. this morning through downtown Bowling Green. I was getting nervous because it was schedualed to start at 10. I got there around 9:20 and nobody was there. 9:30 and nobody 9:40 and four people show up, finally around ten till about 100 people show up and the temperature drops about 15 degrees. Lovely.

First off... Proof there was snow in Kentucky this morning. A whole 1/4 inch or so.
The march started at the justice center and then walked maybe half a mile to State Street Baptist church where a sign reads, "First colored baptist church." They had a pretty cool presentation/ceremony/program, I'm not sure what to call it, but the keynote speaker mixed parts of the "I have a dream" speech and the story about Joseph and his coat. Interesting, and man could he preach.



Well here is some from the guys game the other night. Still not what I was hoping for but whatchya goin to do, still had fun and that's all that counts (right Nana?) Anyway... Enjoy!

It came down to the last couple seconds and Western pulled it out in the end. The packed house erupted and I got goosebumps. I love my job.


Lady's Bball

Life around here has gotten pretty boring since I only have one class and not working so much. So I figured I'd dust off the old camera and give basketball a shot tonight.
Some action from the Lady's game against Middle Tennessee State University. I feel like I need to work on my sports stuff a lot and I have had a particular shot in mind for awhile that I have been wanting to take but unfortunately it never really happened tonight. I am shooting the dude's game tomorrow so we shall see if it happens there.

One gets bored shooting a whole game and this is what happens.

This is an "almost what I wanted." I want her up higher in the frame with a big ol' grimace on her face. That's in my dream world though.


Old Scans

Finally got around to scanning some old negs from summer and some more recent on my last trip home.

Just a doll isn't he?
Lovely as usual is mother as she sits out in Pana, Ill. and Pop and Deedee commiserate on our deck.

This same car/photo was featured earlier on this blog. I still like film better.


Time to study

We made a trip to the library today in class to pick out our book to give a report on. I already had my book so out came the camera.

Kelly's Bday

Kelly's birthday was last week so we went out this past weekend to celebrate. Starting at Buffalo Wild Wings, of coarse, we then migrated over to the bowling ally and finished the night at the king of late night drunken dinners- Waffle House, which Kelly managed to stay awake through.

Archie at the bowling ally after he had a bad round. The next day we were talking about the events of the previous evening and Kelly somehow forgot that Archie had been there. Oops. She did remember her friends Bud and Weiser though.

The last few frames we played Ben, his arm is on the right side of the frame, went up to the lane next to her and Dempsey walked behind her as she threw the ball so she wouldn't topple over as she let go of the ball. She was really happy when she knocked some down though!

Oh what a night to remember... sorta.

"yes osifer I been drankin. LOOK! He's taken your pisher! SMILE!" Kelly said to the bowling ally security guy.
Luke watching the ladyfriend bowl.