Taste O' summer time

With no internship to focus my photographic curiosities this summer my family has had to step in yet again as subjects. Here Grandpa, Dad (left) and Uncle Mike chillax on the couch watching golf.

Thanks guys!

These next two are from the drive to Jordan's house in Roscoe Village. Normally I would take the highway up there but heavy traffic changed my mind on this particularly well lit afternoon. Out came the camera and drive by shooting got a whole new meaning.


Calm after the Storm

I went out during some crazy storms we had the other day to see how bad things were around town. We had lost power for almost 24 hours going into the start of Julie's graduation party..... ya that was fun.... but there is always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. Right?

Insert Credence Clearwater Revival here: "Doo Doo Doo, Lookin out myyyyyyyy backdoor."


Pana, Ill: The City of Roses

Spent some time down at the lake this weekend. We were going to go see a concert down in St. Louis but Ben and Sam weren't coming up till Saturday so I had Friday night to play around downtown.


Birthday 1.0

A few more from Ayden's first birthday,

Auntie Cheryl doing what she does best, making him laugh.
Ulysses had special haircut for his son's big day. I'm thinking for the Second birthday we just make it permanent and go with a tattoo.


Days gone by

Just a random spattering of photos from the last week or so.

Ya... he destroyed it.
Waiting for the bus.

"Aw shucks." Nanny and Aunt Mary at Ayden's 1st B-day.

And the padres... married 24 years..... Oh to be young and in love....... :)


Well things are gonna get betta...

Went to a show the other night with Jordan and saw Deal's Gone Bad. Killer band that puts on a fantastic show.

We followed up the show with a burrito the size of a football. Does it get any better?