Kailani is 14. She has Cerebral Palsy, but her family has been pursuing stem cell research as a form of treatment. After just one treatment done in Mexico, Kailani or Kai as she is called, has had significant improvements. "She has come farther in 6 months than she has in 14 years." Said her mother.


Animal Control

I spent some time at the Kendall County Animal Control this morning. They have been overrun with people dropping off unwanted pets this last month and have nearly reached capacity forcing them to consider possibly euthanizing some of the animals.

20 dogs that have been in their cage overnight.... it's a smell I will not soon forget.


Kids these days....


Man of the House

To the man who made me who I am today... Happy Birthday Dad.



Found this one as I was going back through some of the work I did earlier this year.

To say Ryan Boatright is a standout on the basketball team at East Aurora would be an understatement.

The boys got skills.

He was selected to be part of a team made up of the best high school players from around the country to play in a tournament overseas. I went out to make a portrait when he got back to use along with some photos he had from the time he spent over there.
I had shot Ryan a few times before, once for being named Player of the Year, but it was great to see how humble he was about the whole experience.


Hands on

A few of the hands that didn't make it into our labor day spread...


Subtle reminder

It's always tough for me after some time away to get back into the swing of things at the office. It was a long day, paired with the fact that I had to work an unexpected split shift that put me in a less than stellar mood heading out to my late assignment tonight.
When I arrived the people I was supposed to be meeting weren't going to be there for another 45 minutes.
"Lovely." I thought
I could feel the days frustrations getting to me, so I decided to take a walk around Downtown Aurora to cool off before going back into my assignment.
Half an hour later I started to head back towards where I needed to be. I turned the last corner and saw this little number staring back at me:

Now, I don't know why, but the first thing I saw was a smiley face. It gave me a much needed chuckle and put my spirits back where they should have been.

So here's to spreading the wealth... Cheers.


Fort Myers Beach

I spent a few days last week down in Fort Myers, Florida working on a story for the paper. We didn't make it to the beach that much but I refused to go to Florida and not see water. I managed to sneak away for a few minutes one night and take a quick walk on the beach.

In an attempt to make a photo of the shoreline, the camera fell halfway through the exposure and I ended up liking the screw up more than the shot I wanted.

This is one of the guys I ran across during my ventures in FMB as the locals call it. His name is Barnel and he plays one heck of a saxophone.

I just finished going through the photos and video from the trip, so stay tuned for the finished piece coming this week....I hope.





So these are old. I apologize.

In May Jordan graduated from Roosevelt University in the city and I took advantage of her getting all made up to take some photos in the lobby of her building that has some great light.
My plan was to pair these with some embarrassing photos I have from years ago, but I never found them. Sad, I know.

So here they are, yes late, but better late than never....right?

She's come a long way since we met in high school. The orange puff ball snow cap and Chuck Taylors have been replaced by long hair and heels.
Congrats Jordan, you've done everyone proud.



The American League Central Division pennant race is in full swing and the White Sox had their chance to make a move with a three game series against Division leaders Minnesota Twins.
Jordan and I got tickets to game 1 and made the trip to the southside yesterday where the Sox proceeded to fall apart after the sixth inning and drop game one 9-3 falling 7 games off the lead.

At least it was a nice night to enjoy a night at the park.


"Nobody's a winner"

A few weeks ago I was sent out to cover the sentencing of a drunk driver that crashed killing 5 of the 8 people in her car... all were under 18.
It was a huge case in our area and I covered the week long trial and got to know some of the kids families that passed away that night.

This is the father of the driver after he found out his daughter was sentenced to 15 years in jail.
The mother of a victim reflected in a TV guys lens as she tries to answer questions while choking back tears.
While the driver was ultimately wrong in her decision to drink and drive, there was a whole string of poor decisions that night by everybody involved that lead to the fatal crash.
When 5 families loose a child and a young mother is sent to jail, nobody really comes out a winner.



As promised here are a few of the football game I was supposed to be shooting before I got a bit preoccupied shooting the Stanley Cup...

To see more check out the gallery HERE.


Best. Sunday. Ever.

I knew Sunday was going to be good when I was asked a week ago if I wanted to shoot the Chicago Bears Season opener at Soldier Field.

Dumb question. I know.

After getting all my gear set up in the media room I headed out to the field about 30 minutes prior to game time. As I take in the scene around me I notice the Chicago Blackhawks Wingman Patrick Sharp.
"Cool," I thought, "Sharpie's takin' in a Bears game."
I continue to scan the scene and come to find Patrick Kane and about 6 or so other Hawks players on the sidelines standing around and tossing around a ball.
With that much of the Stanley Cup Champions present I let my mind play with the thought that the Cup may be close by.....
Lo and behold, right before player announcements out came the cup and the stadium went insane.

I was having so much fun shooting the players and the cup, I nearly forgot about the football game I was actually there for.
It was really cool to see the Hawks players, who are just as big of stars in their own right, be taking photos of each other on the field and just as in awe as I was to be on the field.

Right when the fighter jets flew over the field, as the last words of our National Anthem echoed off the walls of the stadium, I had to stop and take in what I was doing.
I looked up and there was the Stanley Cup, surround by its championship team all on the same field I was standing on to shoot opening day of the Chicago Bears football season.

And you can add that to the list of reasons I love my job.


Run Away

Playing around at tonight's football game in which Metea Valley crushed East Aurora 39-6 to pick up their first Varsity win.


Boys of Summer

Couldn't resist sharing this one. It's a little teaser to a project that's in the works...


Sweet Dreams

This was one of those very few assignments where the light and photo you imagine actually ends up happening.
When I first get an assignment, different photo opportunities will run through my mind, most of which center around having great access and great light... both of which are rare, and to happen at the same time? HA! Almost never.
Yesterday I was sent out to an Oswego school to illustrate a story about how schools ls in our area are piloting a program that would change the length of the Kindergarten school day from a half day to a full day.
I imagined a kid in a dark room laying down underneath a window with a bunch of schmutz on the walls around them so you could tell it was a longer than average day for them.

and voila!

I got there right as a class was going into their "Brain Break Time."

Sometimes the photo gods are smiling.


Hands of Labor

For Labor Day we did a section focusing on people who work with their hands. We wanted to go a bit beyond the typical "shop mechanic's dirty hands" picture and try to incorporate the surroundings to really show what these people were creating with their hands.
These 5 were what we ended up using. There are a few more that I like that didn't make it and I will get those up soon.

Meat Market in Elburn (that makes AMAZING beef jerky by the way.)

Oswego Cyclery
Kindergarten Teacher

Hair Stylist

Those are a dogs small intestines if anyone is wondering.



Football Fridays

High school football, how I have missed you.