Never have I ever

Never have I wanted to stay in Chicago more.

We have flown from Hyderabad to Mumbai and Frankfort before landing in Chicago.
Shouts of, "We are almost home!" ring out from my friends, yet... I am home.

I half joke with an instructor when I say, "Leave me here, I will meet you back at school in January."

Every fiber of my body resists the trek down the walkway to the plane that is taking me "home."

Thoughts of loved ones mere miles away seem to taunt the tear drops from my eyes as I take my seat.
Is it the place I love or the people in it?

I can't be sure of the answer but, I am sure...Never have I wanted to stay in Chicago more.


pop said...

Welcome back. Glad everything went well.
I'll talk to you later. You had a wonderful experience.
Yes, Chicago is a great place to come back to.

wryter said...