Traveling Wall

The traveling Vietnam Memorial wall came to Bowling Green about a week or so ago and I got to spend a few days over there for the Daily News. Some people got pretty emotional, especially the people who did have the resources to make it to the official one.

We covered it so much that on the day it left we had a special section on it with extra photos and a gallery online from all the shooters. It was cool to see how 3 different photographers captured the same event over 3-4 days that was pretty visually lacking to begin with. Check out the gallery HERE.


joshuael@mac.com said...

Hey Brian, all of these look great. Did you use prime lenses when you took these or was it a Zoom lens? I can't decide whether to get a 50mm f1.2 or a 18-200m f3.5. The 50mm would be great for low light but is it really that wide? The 18-200 is so wide and is great for tight and timely situations. What do you think? Keep up with Great shots. Your work is nothing short of epic.

Josh Lindsey

Brian said...

Thanks Josh! Those shots were taken with a 17-35 f2.8 and a 50 f1.4. It has always been my view to invest in good glass because it is what will stay with you your whole career. The 18-200 is a great lens for general photography while the 50 is a pro lens that is intended for low light and creative control. For me, journalism and weddings being my focus, f2.8 glass and faster was the only way to go. Think about what and why you will be shooting and that should point you in the right direction.