Mother to us All

Last week an icon in Aurora passed away. Civil Rights leader Marie Wilkinson was 101 when she died, leaving behind a life that is an inspiration to everyone that follows her.
She was an amazing woman that moved to Aurora from New Orleans in her twenties and began making her mark on the city right away.
I won't go into to much detail here because our writer, Andre Salles did an amazing job covering the funeral and his story will do much more justice than anything I could ever write, check it out HERE.
With this being such a big story in our area, Jonathan Miano from the Naperville Sun (and fellow WKU'er) volunteered to lend a hand and helped cover the funeral with me. (HUGE thank you Jonathan.)
It is always a relief to have another shooter there, and I think the benefit can be seen in the final products.

A few stills from the day:

The big debate of the day came over the cover image. Here are two mock ups of the cover but before I explain and tell what ran, I want to see what you guys think... Which one do you like?


Tanner Curtis said...

I would have run with the saxophone photo because it's more interesting and unexpected than a photo of someone dropping flowers into a grave. It also sets this funeral apart from any other funeral. The one of the hand dropping the flowers into the grave is a nice image, but it could almost be any funeral.

These photos are great, Brian. It looks like you covered everything very respectfully and compassionately to get real moments.

Miss ya here at WKU, man. Hope all is well.

Brian said...

Hey Tanner thanks for the response!
That is actually the cover they went with. The photo editor and I were pulling for the flower shot though. Our reasoning was that while the other photo provided all the information, it was the standard and expected image while the flower would have warranted more interpretation from the reader because it was more symbolic aka it was something different.

Good luck this year at Western and keep up the killer work man.

peter hoffman said...

The left image, no question.