Who needs school?

I learned something new the other day, 6th grade is considered part of elementary school here. Weird.
Anyway, these kids are sixth graders and are running as part of a running club their teacher put together. It was pretty cool because they were all really psyched about running and even asked to run more.
What was even funnier? A fat ol' me running to take their picture.

Her family came out to help her coach the kids this time. Her son is getting ready to start the kids of on sprints while her daughter gives her a hug.


joshuael@mac.com said...

Woah Brian I the picture at the top in the newspaper earlier this week and didn't even notice who took it! I thought it was really cool. Are you part of the Daily News now?

Brian said...

Thanks! Ya, I am filling in for one of their staffers while she is on leave.